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Dear Real Estate Agents,

We understand you’re looking for new ways to get more leads and appointments?

Getting more Leads and Appointments in Real Estate can be a challenge.

You’ve been doing great with referrals and your contacts, but in today’s digital age, you need something more efficient to keep up and not miss out on opportunities.

Meet Funnel X – a one-stop solution made just for realtors. It’s not just about getting leads; it’s about making your process smoother to make sure you never miss a chance.

What makes Funnel X special? It makes getting good leads and organizing appointments super easy, giving you the upper hand.

And guess what? Estate Club is offering you lifetime access to this awesome tool.

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And guess what? Estate Club is offering you lifetime access to this awesome tool.


estate club provides you all proven funnels templates and automation for your real estate business.

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Social Media Integration funnel x nord seven

Social Media Integration

Effortless posting and social media planner to scheduled posts and the ability to auto-share positive reviews, it’s your all-in-one solution. With a unified Social Media Inbox and CRM Conversations.

Email Marketing funnel x nord seven 0

Email Marketing

Craft custom proposals, leverage the Email Builder, and track client engagement with Seen notifications. Schedule emails seamlessly, use templates efficiently, and stay in the loop with email view notifications.

Calendar Scheduling funnel

Calendar & Scheduling

From one-time-use calendar links to booking appointments and customizable settings, streamline your time management with precision and ease.

Automations Funnel X Nord Seven


Automate your workflows, deliveries, and follow-ups in one intuitive platform. Experience Task Completed triggers and other powerful automations, redefining efficiency.

Sales Funnels Funnel X Nord Seven

Sales Funnels

Launch compelling sales funnels equipped with order forms, upsell pages, and automated follow-up. Experience the power of monthly template updates, curated specifically for real estate success.

Forms Surveys Funnel X Nord Seven

Forms & Surveys

Create lead forms, application forms, and onboarding forms in one simple hub. Enjoy the convenience of conditional logic on forms and stay informed with email notifications on submissions.

Integrates with 5K+ Applications

Funnel X has it’s own APIs but if you are not a developer, it also works with Zapier, Pabbly, and Integrately. Don’t worry about the tech details—we’ll handle the setup for you!

App integration Funnel x Nord Seven

Explore More with Funnel X

If you are hesitating, do not worry – we are here to explain
everything you might want to know. Let us help!

Why Funnel X with Estate Club?

Acquire More Leads

Effortlessly generate quality leads to fuel your real estate success.

Seamless Appointments:

Streamline your appointment-setting process for maximum efficiency.

The Best Part?

Lifetime access to this powerful software, exclusively through Estate Club.

What's in it for You?

All the essential functionalities and tools to supercharge your lead acquisition and appointment game.

Your business deserves the competitive edge. It’s time to embrace the future of real estate marketing with Funnel X.

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With Estate Club Limited Exclusive offer

Think about it, you pay…

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are hesitating, do not worry – we are here to explain everything you might want to know. Let us help!

 At  we believe there’s things you need to be successful: The tools, the  and the proven templates. As someone who’s been in this game for years and worked with the biggest names in the industry, we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t.

So not only are we able to offer a great software where you can run your entire business in just 1 platform, but also we’ll update templates and provide support. Best Part with Estate Club get Lifetime Access (Limited Usage).

Funnel X seamlessly integrates with Twilio for phone functionality. This means you can effortlessly incorporate Twilio’s services to get different phone numbers, enhancing your communication strategies within the Funnel X platform.

Funnel X makes email integration a breeze by allowing you to connect your Mailgun account. This integration enables you to attach your email seamlessly within the Funnel X platform, giving you the power to send emails directly from your account.

We totally understand that tech can be an issue sometimes, so we wouldn’t expect you to manage everything yourself.

Our support team is here to help whenever you need help with something

For more reach out to us at

Great question, is built on a proven platform called HighLevel (GHL) that’s been growing rapidly over the last couple of years. The reason we decided to partner with GHL is their laser focus on product development, with the goal of always being people-focused and product focused first.

They’re not a “hype” software company that tries to hard-sell you on using the platform, so people have been loving it for the sole reason of actually getting a better more all-in-one platform to run their entire business.

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