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Our Pay-per-Close Plan Helps You Close More Deals

Introducing our Pay-per-Close Plan, the innovative way to maximize your real estate business growth without the financial risk. With this plan, you only pay an upfront fee of $349 and a success fee of $499 for every closed lead.

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The features and benefits of a Real Estate lead generation plan.

  • Subscription fee required to join the plan
  • Exclusive leads provided to realtors in this plan
  • Realtors pay for each lead that results in a closed sale
  • Leads are carefully screened and selected to ensure their relevance and potential
  • Real estate professionals have access to a steady stream of high-quality leads
  • Support and resources provided to help realtors succeed in the industry
  • Includes access to a FunnelX software to manage and build your Online Presence
  • Realtors receive 3 to 4 leads per month
  • Support manager & ISA are available for assistance and support

Exclusive Leads

We generate ample leads, each exclusively assigned to one agent, ensuring zero competition.


Realtors only invest when a lead, carefully nurtured and managed by our team, culminates in a successful sale.

Funnel X

Access to a Funnel X software to manage and build your online presence

Predictive Sellers

We decode 250+ homeowner data points to uncover the next wave of home sellers within 12 months

3 to 4 Leads

Realtors receive 3 to 4 exclusive leads per month, most of them are going to be the listings 


Our ISA agents make calls to turn your provided data into valuable leads for you.


We book appointments’ on your behalf. You take over, build rapport, and close.

24/7 Support

Get assistance with inquiries, technical issues, and guidance anytime you need.

The Best Source of Real Estate Leads for Your Business

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6 Months of Complimentary FunnelX with Pay-Per-Close Plan

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Take Your Real Estate Business to New Heights